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tunnel thruster

tunnel thruster

YMV tunnel thrusters

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YMV designs and manufactures tailor made bow thrusterstern thruster for marine industry. YMV Tunnel thrusters support the mooring or harbour operations of merchant cargo vessels. When applied in Dynamic Positioning systems, extends the DP capability of offshore supply vessels.

Main properties: -Tunnel thrusters with fixed pitch propeller available for bow or stern applications. -Electric or hydraulic driven -Maximum power (kW): 30 to 450 -Propeller diameter (mm): 400 to 1400 -Nominal input speed (rpm): 1800 to 750 -Gear ratio (mm):1,6 to 2,3 -Material options: Steel / Stainless steel / Bronze

Product package includes: -Tunnel thruster -Electric or hydraulic motor -Main panel with frequency invertor with programmed factory settings -Bridge control panel